Actor with Down Syndrome in “Retarded Policeman” Webseries

August 01, 2011 | By Karen Poch

In conversations elicited by our previous post on the “R-Word,” I’ve been introduced to YouTube sensation, Josh Perry a.k.a. the Ponceman a.k.a. The Retarded Policeman.

Upon first hearing about the Mediocrefilm mini-series, The Retarded Policeman, I was shocked, offended, and confused.  After watching a film for the first time, I sat wide eyed with my jaw gaping open for about five minutes. 

Then I decided to get to know Josh.

Josh Perry is a 32 year old actor from Lafayette, Louisiana.  According to his Facebook page, Josh loves bacon, singing,  “the ladies” and also...he has Down Syndrome.  He stars in, ‘The Retarded Policeman’ which premiered on Youtube in September of 2007, Co-written and directed by his brother, Scott Allen Perry.  For anyone who criticises the show, Josh might respond, ‘shove it.’  He says he knows exactly what he’s doing when he plays his character.  He also makes sure his opinions are heard loud and clear on his co-authored blog, The Perry Brother’s Blogmaggedon.

So what do you think? Is the show exploitative and abusive?  Is it a step in the right direction to helping all people pursue their entrepreneurial dreams?  Watch a few and leave us your comments below.

Author Bio

As a former educator for students with severe developmental disabilities, Karen Poch has a special passion for disability awareness and equality. She is proud to be a contributing blog writer for Handi-Lift, an organization whose shared mission is Accessibility with Dignity.