Prenatal Genetic Testing and Disablism

September 02, 2011 | By Karen Poch

In the day of designer babies, some parents feel entitled to know every detail of their child’s genetics, even before birth.  Genetic insight is not only used to choose hair color, eye color, or sex; but may also affect parents’ decisions about whether or not to have their child at all.  Ana Mejia, a Florida mother who’s son was born with severe physical disabilities, claimed in court yesterday, that had she known of her son’s deformities pre-birth, she would have terminated the pregnancy.  Bryan Santana, age 3, has only one leg and his arms extend only a few inches from his shoulders.  In court his mother expressed concerns that his physical deformities prevent Bryan from playing and living “like other toddlers.”  Mejia is suing her obstetrician for $9 million dollars to provide for her son’s future health care as well as her own pain and suffering. She claims it was medical negligence when she was not warned about her son's disabiltiies.  To read more about Bryan and his mom click here.













Author Bio

As a former educator for students with severe developmental disabilities, Karen Poch has a special passion for disability awareness and equality. She is proud to be a contributing blog writer for Handi-Lift, an organization whose shared mission is Accessibility with Dignity.