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July 21, 2014 | By Luke Lesniowski


After a long search in the Hunterdon County

rental market, in February 2014 Hope found

suitable housing with 3 bedrooms for her and

her 5 year old daughter and her mother. As

the 3 generations of the family settled into the

apartment, it became obvious that the stairs

were going to be difficult for her mother whose

MS was progressing. Hope reached out to the

Chapter for guidance in making her mother’s

daily activities much easier. After much

discussion, she realized that a stair lift would be

of great assistance to Wanda (Hope’s mother)

as she navigated to and from the 2nd floor of

an apartment in the two family home. With

little financial support, Hope and Wanda didn’t

think it was possible to get a stair lift installed

in their residence, a solution that would cost

over five thousand dollars.

At the same time that Hope was looking for

information about a stairlift, the Chapter

received a call from Dennis Gaynor, a

representative of Handi-Lift, a provider

of accessibility equipment for homes and

commercial buildings in New Jersey and New

York. Handi-Lift’s mission of accessibility

with dignity has been guiding the company

since 1975. Dennis explained that Handi-

Lift wanted to give back to the community

by helping a family in need by furnishing and

installing a well-deserved Stannah stairlift.

The Chapter was happy to bring these parties

together to make life easier for Wanda. Hope

and Wanda are thrilled! Wanda says, “We are

forever thankful for making such a huge impact

on our lives. “ Hope continues, “This was a

huge struggle for my mom, and now she can

move freely up and down the stairs.”

Handi-Lift is grateful to the Chapter for

identifying an appropriate person with an

immediate need for a stairlift. James Boydston,

the owner of Handi-Lift explained that, “Once

the connection was made with a user in need,

everything just worked out so smoothly. It was

such a blessing to see the smile on Wanda’s face

upon her taking the first ride up the stairs.”

The entire process took less than a month to

accomplish. After communicating a vision

of assisting a NMSS client, the home was

surveyed, the stairs were measured, the lift was

ordered, and in one morning it was installed

and handed over to Wanda. A great ending

for all involved! n

Author Bio

Luke Lesniowski Photo
Luke is the Sales Manager at Handi-Lift. He has over 15 years of experience in construction sales and sales management. Luke has a Masters degree in Integrated Marketing and Communication.

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