When your accessibility challenge is to travel 10-14 feet and you need a lift that can take heavy use, you may want to specify the heavy duty vertical platform lift with tall sides and a non-load bearing top. 

Raising the sides and adding a top enables us to use more robust drive systems and also to provide the end user a quieter, faster, and a solid ride similar to the private residence elevator.

Before jumping to the LU/LA (limited use, limited application) elevator, consider the HD VPL.  You will still need a machine room but that space can be quite small.

Product Features
  • 30 FPM Speed. This is fast compared to most vertical lifts which only go 15 fmp or less.
  • Battery Backup. Emergency manual lowering and battery power back up for lights, locks, and door operators are standard.
  • Quiet. Submersible pump and motor offer a quiet ride especially with remote machine room.
  • Smooth, Solid Ride. 2 speed valve improves the ride quality with soft start/stop and ability to increase speed up to 30fpm.
  • Lighting. Automatic lighting upon entry.