The Factory Enclosed Vertical Platform Lift needs little construction for installation. This makes it easy to coordinate with other trades. The standard enclosure package meets all code requirements. These models are often used as outdoor wheelchair lifts, with plexiglass extended to a full height door and a dome on top to keep the heavy weather off the unit and the user. Since they are especially easy and quick to install in existing buildings, they are often chosen for residential applications.

Product Features
  • Power Door Operators. All entrances require a power door operators, except the two stop straight through platform configuration. In most cases we can provide an integrated 24 volt power operator so that no additional work is required by other trades.
  • Exterior Domed Roof. The enclosure can extend to 6'8" above the upper landing with a dome or sloped roof. A ventilation system is required by the code. We recommend adding a roof extension or awning to the building to protect the lift and user from the elements.
  • Communication. Communication systems are important in outdoor or remote lifts. Options include a 'ring for assistance' button, intercom, alarm, or a standard princess phone with its own phone line. We recommend an ADA hands free phone in all cases.
  • Lighting. Area lighting is designed by others to properly illuminate the lift entrances and platform controls. An optional lighting fixture on a motion sensor inside the enclosure is also available.