Speed of delivery, cost-effectiveness, and compact design make the straight inclined platform wheelchair lift the first choice for accessibility in buildings with one flight of stairs and no intermediate landings. Our preferred straight inclined platform wheelchair lift is the Xpress II.

The rail support system for The Xpress II can be hidden behind finishes to minimizing visual disturbance and provide Accessibility with Dignity. This lift folds at either landing, as close as 10.5" to the wall. This slim footprint makes the Xpress II a good choice for egress stairs.

When remodeling lobbies, finishes on the stairs and floors are the last items at the end of the project.  We cannot release for production without final finished field measurements, so speed is critical.  We stock the lift components locally. The lift installs easily with supports attached to the stairs, or mounted directly to the wall itself. Because installation of this wheelchair lift is so simple, we can measure, cut and install in as little as three days for urgent projects.

Product Features
  • Direct Mount. This lift can be blend in with the stairs using custom paint, a hidden rail system, a disconnect built into the rail, and hidden chases for control wiring.
  • Side Load. The lift can be equipped with a side load feature, allowing the end user to board the platform from an angle.
  • Power Door Interface. It is best to board at the end of the platform, so if the lift can be aligned with a door, we can interface the lift with a power door operator.
  • Quiet Drive. End users want discreet lifts. The drive on the XpressII is extremely quiet.
  • Handrail. A handrail can be added to this system on top of the upper rail.