The turning Inclined Platform Lift (IPL) is the most versatile lift in our arsenal. Our preferred IPL, the Artira by Garaventa, offers the most flexibility when making a facility accessible. The lift travels over the staircase and folds up when not in use to save space. Often it can be installed without modification of the existing conditions. Handi-Lift, Inc. only needs an electrician to supply power, saving on construction costs.

Product Features
  • Drive Box. The drive system is in a lock cabinet which must be located at the top of the system. We can also bend the tubes to locate the drive box through a wall or floor into another room.
  • Platform Storage. Normally the platform is stored at the lower landing, but the platform can also be hidden in a cabinet or behind a door.
  • Towers in the Core. Towers in the core of the stair support the lift's tube system. Infill panels can be installed between towers to meet guarding requirements. These can be custom designed and supplied by others or the manufacturer's panels can be purchased with the system.
  • Hand Rail. The drive tubes are too high and low to meet handrail requirements, so a third tube handrail is necessary.
  • Emergency Power. A battery system can be employed if a generator is not available as a secondary source of power. At full load it can provide stand-by power for up to 5 trips. Battery driven systems do not meet the requirements for emergency or standby power.