Unenclosed Vertical Platform Lifts are for low rise locations (max. 5'0" in public buildings). 

Stage applications are the most common use for the unenclosed lift.  They have a safety pan underneath the platform to protect the space below, rather than an enclosure.  Some jurisdictions, such as New York City, do not allow unenclosed lifts in commercial settings.

Product Features
  • Flip up Ramp. The advantage of an unenclosed platform lift is a platform with a mounted ramp. We can provide an affordable, integrated 24V power gate operator for this platform. We recommend a pit of 3" to eliminate the incline to board the lift.
  • Safety Pan. Unenclosed lifts are equipped with a safety pan under the platform. If an obstruction is encountered, it will stop the lift with 2" and a force of no more than 15 lbs.
  • Mast Heater. For outside installations, a mast heater can be installed to protect the hydraulic fluid from freezing.