• Maintenance

    Handi-Lift, Inc. offers a Planned Maintenance Agreement (PMA) with every wheelchair lift, home elevator or LULA elevator sold. This agreement includes regular service visits for your vertical or inclined platform wheelchair lift and discounts on parts and labor for a specified time. We will also review all of the manufacturer's plans and programs available with your purchase.

    Handi-Lift, Inc. offers Planned Maintenance Agreements for wheelchair lifts installed by other companies. We will evaluate the safety of your existing wheelchair lift and service, repair and upgrade your product regardless of age, make or model. No matter who installed your accessibility equipment, we want you to use and enjoy it!

  • Service

    Handi-Lift, Inc. is committed to servicing every wheelchair lift sold. Because we value high quality, responsive service, we will even service our competitors' lifts. We have trained and experienced technicians on call nights, weekends and holidays for your convenience.

    Our wheelchair lift technicians regularly attend factory-approved training sessions and continual electrical and mechanical education programs. They are tested on a regular basis on their knowledge of product changes, troubleshooting techniques and manufacturer approved repair processes. All of our technicians are CAT Certified. New technicians are enrolled in the certification process as soon as they are hired and paired with an experienced technician to learn the ropes.

  • Please Note

    Handi-Lift, Inc. is not a first responder for emergencies.  If someone is trapped in the wheelchair lift, call the police or local emergency response unit! We will be happy to care for the lift after the emergency has been resolved.