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Handi-Lift’s Subway Lift Wins Project of the Year!

New York City infrastructure is complicated. The triple-layer city spans 160 feet underground to the 1,454 foot super structures of the Empire State Building, making transportation above and below ground, an elaborate undertaking. This is one of many reasons that Handi-lift’s intricate installation in the 44th street and 8th avenue subway has won the organization Project of the Year for the fifth year in a row! The lift was commissioned by Hotel Intercontinental to achieve accessibility despite the numerous city limitations that could not be overcome with a traditional commercial elevator. 

The lift features a cantilevered, twin-screw, direct drive system and is able to withstand metal dust, power washing, and 24-hour a day use. Protected with anti-graffiti films on its glass panel walls, the lift is also equipped with an Americans with Disabilities (ADA) approved phone from Vandalism Proof Products by Janus. Designed for two-stop travel, the lift carries mobility inhibited individuals from street level to platform in 0.10 fpm. 

Read more about the lift or download Handi-Lift founder Doug Boydston’s article in Elevator World.

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Karen Poch

As a former educator for students with severe developmental disabilities, Karen Poch has a special passion for disability awareness and equality. She is proud to be a contributing blog writer for Handi-Lift, an organization whose shared mission is Accessibility with Dignity.

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