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On Store NYC Williamsburg

Handi-Lift worked with SAJO to install two accessibility devices at the On Running Shoe Store in Brooklyn, New York. We installed a Turning Inclined Platform Lift which travels straight over a few steps right inside the main entrance. We chose the Garaventa Artira because it has a small footprint when folded, and the rails do not extend very far at the upper and lower landings. The standard silver color was used for this lift.

Upper Landing
Compact design at upper landing

We also installed a Limited Use/Limited Application (LU/LA) elevator made by Symmetry in the store. The wall and ceiling panels inside the elevator cab have a reflective steel finish. At the upper level, the outer doors have a steel finish like inside the cab. At the lower level, the outer elevator doors were painted matte blue to match the walls around them. 

LULA with Blue Doors
LULA with doors painted blue
Inside of LULA

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