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240 East 82nd Street

Solil Management, the owner of a high-end apartment building in New York City, reached out for a quote to replace a ramp with a vertical platform lift. The ramp was useful for delivering packages, but it was not ADA compliant. After discussing the options for a vertical lift, we agreed a turning inclined platform lift was the best solution. The Garaventa Artira was easy to install in the existing space. This lift reduced the overall cost and construction required compared to a vertical lift while allowing the customer to keep the ramp. We did not need to change the layout of the stairs. We just replaced the existing railing with the rails for our lift. The drive box sits at the top of the stairs next to the front desk at the building entrance. The platform parks against the wall around a 90 degree turn at the bottom of the stairs. This simple and elegant solution seamlessly blends in with the rest of the lobby. 

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Lobby before the lift was installed
Lobby after the lift was installed

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