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Photo of James Boydston

James Boydston

James is the President of Handi-Lift Service, Inc. and Doug Boydston’s son. James has been with Handi-Lift for 10 years.

Posts by James Boydston

  • Graybar — 420 Lexington Avenue

    Handi-lift recently installed a Shaftway Vertical Platform Lift in Manhattan inside the Graybar entrance of Grand Central Terminal which is owned by SL Green Reality Group. We inserted a Garaventa Genesis…
  • Precious Angels Early Learning Center

    Last year, Handi-Lift installed a straight inclined platform lift at the Precious Angels 1 Early Learning Center. The Garaventa Xpress II in the new, standard silver moon color was mounted along…
  • BJ’s Willowbrook

    Last year, Handi-Lift installed an Enclosed Vertical Platform Lift in BJ’s Wholesale in the Willowbrook Mall in NJ. A 2‑stop Garaventa Genesis Enclosure with a straight-thru design was used. This…
  • The Car Lofts

    Handi-Lift finished a project for an enclosed Vertical Platform Lift in the Car Lofts in Fairfield, NJ. We installed a blue Garaventa Genesis Enclosure with 2 stops and 180-degree doors so…
  • 240 East 82nd Street

    Solil Management, the owner of a high-end apartment building in New York City, reached out for a quote to replace a ramp with a vertical platform lift. The ramp was useful for…

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