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Photo of James Boydston

James Boydston

James is the President of Handi-Lift Service, Inc. and Doug Boydston’s son. James has been with Handi-Lift for 10 years.

Posts by James Boydston

  • On Store NYC Williamsburg

    Handi-Lift worked with SAJO to install two accessibility devices at the On Running Shoe Store in Brooklyn, New York. We installed a Turning Inclined Platform Lift which travels straight…
  • Kipp: Spark Academy

    Last year, Handi-Lift installed a turning inclined platform lift at the Kipp Spark Academy in Newark, NJ. The Garaventa Artira provided the best accessibility solution. The platform travels over…
  • Eastern Christian High School

    Last summer, Handi-Lift installed six straight inclined platform lifts in the High School building of Eastern Christian School in North Haledon, NJ. The school’s existing lifts were due…
  • Hispanic Society Museum & Library

    Handi-Lift installed two turning inclined platform lifts outside of the Hispanic Society Museum & Library in Manhattan. Both lifts are the Garaventa Artira model. Both lifts turn 180 degrees…
  • Trevor Day School

    Handi-Lift provided an accessibility solution for the Trevor Day School in Manhattan. A turning Inclined Platform Lift was the best fit. We installed the Garaventa Artira Turning Inclined Wheelchair…

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